Residential Services

Residential Services

We aim to bring stability to the lives of the young people living within the home whilst equipping them with the skills to achieve and to make a positive contribution. The young people will be given the full support from our dedicated and experienced staff team to make responsible life choices. Young people will be treated as individuals whilst taking into account that they will have a variety of individual needs that are addressed in a positive and progressive manner as part of a clearly defined care plan.

At SBL Care Services we feel it is important young people within the home are supported to focus on their futures. Through direct work with dedicated staff we will focus on developing life skills, education and emotional resilience in preparation for their successful future.

We believe the best way to help young people is to set clear, consistent boundaries and expectations, placing a real value on education and aspiring to more in life. We underpin all this with our safeguarding expertise: keeping young people safe while teaching them the skills to reduce their own risk and make better more informed decisions.

Committed to education

Everyone has a right to a good education, and we are committed to accessing this for our young people. Our managers and teams work with a variety of agencies to make sure young people receive their statutory right to education and the support to reach their full potential.

24 hour care

Our homes work on a clearly defined minimum staffing ratio of one staff for one young people. Increased individual support can be provided if required. We usually have two dedicated staff on each shift, with a minimum of two staff on shift during the night time. Our management team are available for support at all times, day or night.

We are proud of our testimonials

When we hear back such positive feedback from the people we care about its a proud moment that we just want to share.

I’m so pleased to know he is well taken care of and his needs are being met. The staff keep in touch with me every week, every step of the way. I’m so happy; I’ve had no need to complain. I have a close relationship with staff and they speak to me all the time, every week about progress made.

They are nice people. I’m pleased about everything. There were times when he was in different homes and I was so worried and had sleepless nights worrying that he was not cared for. But this home, they are nice people – I take my hat off to them.

Young Persons Parent

The home and the staff are great; it’s not often I would say this with some of the homes and we work with a lot of homes. Young Person has clearly got respect for staff at the home and they are clearly engaging well with him.

Head TeacherRed Rose School